life has gotten very busy, not been posting much, keep telling myself that i will upload and write more once things calm down…don’t know when that will be! lol

he is 4 years now, almost 5. Still has eczema and asthma but not as bad since the pets moved in with grandma. Lilly (cat) passed away from old age, Lola (dog) is still living with grandma. we can’t visit even and i miss her but it is for the best and i know she’s being loved and looked after. Lucas has been tested and does have autism but because of his age it’s unclear where he is on the spectrum. we have had children first helping us with this since he was about two. when we started he was almost non-verbal, he could say number and alphabet but didn’t care much about anything else and with their help he is now saying full sentences, asking questions, starting to say things he’s done. they’ve also helped with textures and feeding as well. he used to just scream at dirt and grass but now he will walk on it and jump in puddles and even mud if he has rain boots on. the peppa pig books have also helped with this and with getting him to let me brush his teeth and bath. legos have also helped with getting him in the the tub and to feed himself, though he is still only eating baby food. since we started homeschooling he has improved speech, started reading and talking about pictures in books, allowing me to read books to him, can say numbers almost all the way to 40 and count down from 20, can do basic addition and subtraction with visual aid (sometimes just his fingers), he can name almost all of the shapes, loves flash cards and memory games, is becoming interested in sports, dancing and singing, taking things apart and putting them back together, he is even learning empathy, though sometimes it does seem mechanical and just from memory it’s still very good. he loves routines, now we have good night time routine in place he will lay in his bed and after a few stories fall asleep or lay and play with a toy after stories and fall asleep on his own with no swaddling or rocking or carrying him, this is a vast improvement even just from last year. he has many behaviors of an older child, some of a grown up but also some of a baby and we seem to be re-entering terrible twos.

what i find works best for calming him, preventing or sometimes even fixing his breathing(with inhalers using as prescribed), getting him to sleep on rough nights, getting from point a-b when he is cranky or not yet used to new route, is baby/toddler wearing! i started with the same as most parents start with (crotch dangler), it worked until he was about 17lbs. then i got a moby until he was about 30lbs, loved it! did a bit of research and made some temporary woven wraps(with woven fabric on clearance at fabric land) and bought some that looked like african wraps at value village. when those became too much work or some he got too heavy for, i bought a mei tai from walmart but it didn’t go knee to knee, so using some good strong fabric i made an outside panel and also a small bit to make it go high enough to cover his back.if you get one of those then hand wash, i messed up my straps by putting it in the wash. he is now too heavy for it though, so i am getting into tulas. i found some sites that ship to canada and give points for every dollar spent and i can use those points towards future purchases. so far i have fizz and it is very comfy but it is hand wash only and only if absolutely necessary and he is a heavy sweater and pees often, so i guess i will need a few. winter solstice is on it’s way, i’m also looking into getting some used in order to get certain patterns and hopefully save money when possible. we are also in love with tula blankets now. they are just the right size for him. he has recently started pulling blankets over his head in his sleep and one night, very unexpectedly, he wrapped a sheet around his head. i check on him frequently though, he was still breathing and sleeping. he’s only used short blankets since then. i plan to sew the tula blankets together in an L or j shape to prevent this from happening again. i also want to make a duvet for his weighted blanket, using the tula blankets because they are so soft and and he loves the patterns. i ordered accessories and our first sleep-sheet-bag from 3 lil’ monkeys & co. and will post pix and links when they arrive. as for his peeing, he was fully potty trained and now i’m guessing it’s because of his autism that he is going in his pants again. he knows he has to go but he won’t because he’s too fixated on what he’s doing. he can become obsessive about certain things and when he does it is impossible for him to transition from one activity to another. for diapers we use grovia AI2 with the 100% cotton snap in inserts and at night time i add a flip insert (like used in flip training pull ups) as well because he is such a heavy wetter at night. he has 1-3 we diapers a night and sometimes (but not often with the grovia or the walmart off brand disposables) leaks and wets the bed, so i usually have 3-4 wet protect fitted sheets on bed. that way i just peel the wet one off, gets him back into bed quicker and it way easier on me. easter seals covers a portion of the cost of his diapers. he’s also on disability which i use to buy him extra pants and undies for when he refuses to wear diapers and extra bedding and some laundry costs but only related to amount that i have to do as result of his autism and have also just been approved for at home support worker. so disability and respite will pay $x amount for someone to watch him just for an hr or two a week so i can rest and for someone to come and work with us on some of his autism related issues, though i don’t know yet what they can to that children first isn’t already doing. i guess we will find out. i was even lucky enough to get dietary needs covered because he has a sever allergy to dairy. so the money i’m saving in those area frees up little bits of money for the things like tulas…but we do still need to eat and pay the bills. which reminds me…essex power has that reduced billing thing now and i really need to print, sign and send! so much grown up paper work i have been putting off. tendinitis and other joint pains are acting up, can’t carry him right now or even a carton of soy milk for that matter. i am only able to write this because the pain meds are still fresh in my system but even with those it is kind of killing me to type. maybe a hot bath is in order today. bye for now. will write more when i can! 🙂


Numbers 1 – 20

He’s known how to count to 10 and back down to 1 for a while now. I’ve been teaching him up to 20, I’m not super intense about it though. We just count whenever we can. Now he can say most of his numbers up to 20. Today he wanted to play numbers with me, so I said the numbers and he wrote them. If he didn’t know I wrote then erased and told him again. He got all of them except 3 & 13. By his own choice he got a work sheet and practiced his 3’s. 🙂



Learning to Write

Today I got him to print his name by telling him what letter to write. At first he was writing too big and only got 2 letters on the page, so I drew boxes and had him write in them. So proud! 🙂 He’s only 3 years old. He can’t say his name but it’s cool that he can write it.



Panther Wrap

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there are more pictures to this set but i really wanted to get the ones with new wrap done and posted. most of this attempt at family photos he was screaming and crying and just not in a good mood. he napped on the way home. lol


My Mei Tai – Altered Infantino

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When we got his mei tai it mostly fit but could have been better. He loved it though, so I doubled up with an African wrap to keep his knees up. It was good enough but now that I finally got around to altering it I can see the difference after just one walk.I still have some finishing touches but this is what I’ve got so far.

Originally I was just going to add a bit of fabric to support the knees and another for the upper back but when I saw this yellow fabric I had to have it. It didn’t take long to decide to do a Lorax design since that is his favorite Seuss movie and to me this yellow is so Seuss.

How’d I do it? I laid new fabric against mei tai to know how much fabric to use. Got pictures online, outlined in black marker so I could see better. Then I taped the picture to a glass cutting board and held the fabric over top the drawing. I had to sit in an award position holding it up to light while resting the cutting board on my knees (think birthing position lol).

I got fabric from value village for $0.99 plus 2 packs of fabric markers (about $10/pack), puff paint was from dollar tree $1.25. so this was all very affordable. Second set of puff pens from Walmart, didn’t like those as much but dollar store didn’t have white. These puff pens are not good, dollar store stuff looks like it will hold up longer.


I will be adding a chest strap in next day or two. I’m still working on what design I want on it, I’m thinking fish and a tree on the part that will hang down. Since I can’t do buckles (they hurt my hands) I’m going to do double ring and wrap rings in colorful thread. Partly for aesthetics and partly cause metal gets hot in the sun, I don’t want hot metal on my chest. 😛



How To Moby Wrap Your Little One

*Edit* Needed to add these last I had ex-husband take for me.

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Above is Lucas & Myself
2.5 years old, 2ft and 28lbs.
It says that it’s good up until 35lbs. and is not stretched out at all but as you can see he is bearly fitting in it these days, tried using wrap as just one layer(instead of folding) but he is too heavy. Looking into getting new one. Excited but sad since we love our Moby very much!

Which is why tonight i thought I might do a little something for those just starting out using the Moby wrap.


Safety First!!!:

A guide on how to wrap from Moby website(with pictures):

Videos on different ways to wrap(found on YouTube):

Front facing:

Front carry, facing out:

Back carry:

Side carry:

Breastfeeding in wrap:


Woven Wrap vs. Stretchy Wrap:


New High Iron Diet

We recently found out Lucas has low iron. He’s not anemic but very low iron. Not because he is vegan but because he’s been refusing everything but strawberry, apricot, and banana. He still eats those but now just as a coating on homemade high iron foods. It gets him to eat without having to pin him down and force feed him. He also takes (doctor prescribed) iron supplement, which is a syrup that I mix (in oral syringe) with some Bolthouse juice. I usually use the orange/carrot or strawberry/banana because they are high in vitamin C and that is what helps the body absorb iron…also makes it taste better. :p

Homemade Purées for Lucas


Salad: cucumber, green pepper, romaine lettuce, seedless red grapes, oranges, carrots, and banana.

Mixed veggies 1: carrots, peas, corn, green beans, lima beans.

Mixed veggies 2: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots,…?

Mixed veggies 3: romaine lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers.

Mixed veggies 4: Rappini, broccoli stalk, spinach, parsley.

1: potatoes, spinach, green and yellow beans, carrots, squash, asparagus, parsley.

2: potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, mixed veggies 2, parsley.

3: potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, parsley, asparagus, spinach.

4: beets, asparagus, green/yellow beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes carrots.

5: beets, asparagus, potatoes, sweet potatoes carrots, veggie mix 3.

6: macaroni & Dalya (dairy free cheese), parsley, spinach, veggie mix 4.

7. Carrots, potatoes, veggie mix 3, veggie mix 2, green/yellow beans.

8. Carrots, squash, spinach, veggie mix 3, veggie mix 2, green/yellow beans, veggie mix 1.

9. Carrots, Sweet potato, spinach, veggie mix 3, veggie mix 2, green/yellow beans, veggie mix 1, potatoes, Bolthouse carrot/orange juice.

10. potatoes, sweet potatoes, green/yellow beans,veggie mix 1, spinach, carrots, veggie mix 4.

11. Tofu, potatoes, green/yellow beans, spinach, carrots, veggie mix 3, veggie mix 4, Bolthouse carrot/orange juice, parsley.

12. Tofu, squash, carrots, spinach, veggie mix 3, veggie mix 4, Bolthouse carrot/orange juice, parsley.

13. Strawberry, raspberry, banana, beets.

14. Veggie mix 4, carrots, spinach, tofu, parsley.